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Chess Festival “Vasylyshyn Memorial”
November 19 - 27, 2013
Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Chess Federation under the auspices of Governmental Department of Sport in Lviv region

Festival will be held in the city of Lviv, Ukraine, from 19th of November (date of the first round)
until 27th of November 2013 (date of the last round) in the city center (adress:Gertsen str,7). Festival will consist of two round robin tournaments: “GM” (male round robin tournament with possibility of male GM-norm performance) and “IM”( male round robin tournament with possibility of male
IM-norm performance). All other conditions for “GM” and “IM” tournaments (number of participants, playing schedule, etc) are the same.

Playing Schedule
Day of week Date Exact time Name of event
Tuesday 19.11.2013 15:00 Opening ceremony
Tuesday 19.11.2013 16:00 1st round
Wednesday 20.11.2013 16:00 2nd round
Thursday 21.11.2013 16:00 3rd round
Friday 22.11.2013 16:00 4th round
Saturday 23.11.2013 16:00 5th round
Sunday 24.11.2013 16:00 6th round
Monday 25.11.2013 16:00 7thround
Tuesday 26.11.2013 16:00 8th round
Wednesday 27.11.2013 10:00 9th round
Wednesday 27.11.2013 15:00 Closing ceremony

The tournaments will be based on round robin system.
The playing time will be 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes with 30 seconds cumulative increment for each move starting from the first move

10 players participate in the each of the tournaments. 9 rounds will be played.
Players can participate only according to prior negotiations with tournament directors. Also all non-
GM (non-IM players in IM event respectively) players must pay entry fee.
Entry fees are deducted according to 01November rating list
Organizers are suggesting special and favorable conditions for “entry fee + hotel”.Please contact organizers for further details. Those participants who doesn't want to accept that offer can find accommodation on their own. Lviv is a big city with around 800 000 of inhabitants and also was one of the host cities of European football championship in 2012. So there is no problem to get that kind of accommodation that fit you. There is a decent number of luxurious hotels for a really moderate prices (only 50 - 100 euros per night) If you want more cheap accommodation you can opt for a great number of cosy hotels you can find a Lviv (20-25 euros) Also its possible to get accommodation in hostel (10-15 euros per night). Also if you contact organizers in advance we can
rent a room or whole flat for you for a really affordable price) Food isn’t expensive here. There is a great number of restaurants, cafes, supermarkets etc,

Ukraine has liberal visa regime. EU citizens, citizens of USA and also citizens of republics of former Soviet Union and also few other countries don’t need visa to enter Ukraine For more detailed information please contact Ukrainian embassy in your country.

City of Lviv is located in Western Ukraine close enough to polish border (approximately 70 km).
Each day decent number of buses perform regular trips from Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice etc.). There is also a good connection with Latvia (Riga)- two direct buses per week. Also it’s comfortable enough to get Lviv from Hungary and Slovakia by train.
City of Lviv has modern airport with decent number of airlines(also low-cost airlines!) connecting Lviv with Western Europe and also some Russian and Asian cities. Check if airflight from your city is possible on website of Lviv airport http://lwo.aero/en/airline Also you have to know that Lviv is a nice place for tourists. Its old nice city founded in 1256. In different times it was part of Poland, Austria, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Soviet Union and at last
Ukraine. That’s why Lviv absorbed charm of Western Europe that is reflected in its unique architecture. There is really nice place to visit and by the way fight for a GM norm!
Local time is +1 CET
National currency is Hryvnia. Normal exchange rate is approximately: 1 EUR=10,9 UAH; 1USD = 8,1 UAH . Organizers don’t recommend you to trade money at ukrainian airports or near rail stations as exchange rates there are as a rule unfair. The best way is to exchange money after arrival.

To participate in the tournament please contact the tournament director GM Yuri Vovk (English, Ukrainian, Russian languages ) via:
mobile phone:+380 633912342
ICC: Imperator15
Playchess: JohnConnor
These regulations are an official invitation for a tournament

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