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1st International Chess Tournament
Lviv, Ukraine, 01-06 July 2013

Under the auspices of Lviv Chess Federation
and sponsorship of "UKRENERGO" company

Lviv, Ukraine

National University "Lvivska Politekhnika" (Stepan Bandera street, 12)

Tournament committee of Lviv Chess Federation.

Rate of play
9 rounds, FIDE swiss system is used, time control - 90 min. with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. Valid for ELO FIDE and GM/IM Norms (in the case of participation of required number of foreign players)

All ukrainian players with ELO ≥2100 and all foreign players with ELO ≥2000 can
participate. Organizers keep right to grant participation to limited number of players who dont meet the abovementioned demands. To participate player has to fill in the registration form (available here) through the end of 30 June. Participation requests after that date have no guarantee to be considered and are subject to fine (fine amount can be found in “entry fees” chapter). Organizers have right to reject registration form without explaining the reasons. If registration form is approved player will be informed about it by e-mail and players name will be put in the playing list. Players ELO on the moment of registration (and not July 2013 FIDE rating list, with only exception to last-day registrations) is inspected to meet the rating demands. Nevertheless pairings and ELO calculation will be made according to July 2013 FIDE rating listEntry fees

All players registered through the end of 30th June have to pay entry fees according to their ELO on the moment of registration in a amount of:
International rating
2100-2199 2200-2299 2300-2399 2400-2499&
≥ 2500&GM

Entry fee 350 UAH 250 UAH 200 UAH 150 UAH 100 UAH 50 UAH free
Those who were granted participation after being registered on the 1st of July have to pay fine in amount of 50 UAH + entry fee according to their rating in July 2013
FIDE rating list. All participants regardless of time of their registration have to confirm their participation and pay entry fees in the playing hall on the 1st of July between 10 am and 2 pm.

01/07/2013 Confirmation of participation and payment of entry fees 10 am-2 pm
01/07/2013 Opening ceremony 3 pm
01/07/2013 1 round 4 pm
02/07/2013 2 round 10 am
02/07/2013 3 round 4 pm
03/07/2013 4 round 10 am
03/07/2013 5 round 4 pm
04/07/2013 6 round 10 am
04/07/2013 7 round 4 pm
05/07/2013 8 round 4 pm
06/07/2013 9 round 10 am
06/07/2013 Closing ceremony 3 pm

Main prizes (in UAH): 1. 10000 2. 8000 3. 6000 4. 5000 5. 4000 6. 3000 7. 2000
8. 1500 9. 1250 10. 1000
Special prizes (in UAH): 1. 500 2. 300 3. 200 (in such categories: best female player;
best player < 2200; best U18 player (birth date not earlier then 07.07.1995); bestveteran (birth date not later then 30.06.1963); best player from Lviv region. Special prizes exist if at least 5 players contest in each of the groups.
Player can get only one prize (the highest). In the case of the identical point scores prizes are not shared

If few players scored the same number of points, additional scores affect:
1. Buchholz cut-1, the highest number wins; 2. Buchholz, the highest number wins; 3. Progress, the highest number wins; 4. Number of wins, the highest number wins; 5. Result of game between contestants (priority principle)

Conditions for titled players
Limited number of GMs and players with ELO >2500 can get free accommodation
with breakfast for 6 nights in 3* hotel + partial or full (depends on amount of
expenses) covering of travel expenses

Useful information
Citizens of EU, USA, Canada and lots of other countries dont need visa to enter
Ukraine. Exchange rate: 1 EUR=10,5 UAH
Organizers can facilitate the accommodation of foreign participants in hostels and hotels in Lviv in the case of giving the necessary information in the
abovementioned registration form until 25th of June. No further assistance after
that date is guaranteed.

GM Yuri Vovk (supplementary information about the event):
phone: +380673912027
e-mail: ukrenergochessopen@gmail.com (just for inquiries, not for registration!)
website: www.chess.lviv.ua

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