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15th international christmas chess tournament

Term: 26.12.2013 - 2.1.2014

Place of doings: Litomysl (Czech Republic), hall of Boarding school of Secondary pedagogical school (VOSP and SPgS) – new building, Strakovska 1071, Litomysl

Organizer: Agentura 64, SK Agentura 64 Grygov

Right of participation: players without age and performance limitation with assigned FIDE ID

Note: Each player who is going to take part in this tournament is obliged to have a FIDE ID. If you have not a FIDE ID yet (all players who have ELO FIDE have also FIDE ID), you have to ask for it your national FIDE rating officer. Players without assigned FIDE ID cant participate in the tournament!

System: Swiss system of 9 rounds, results will be included into FIDE

Criteria used for ranking and prizes distribution: 1. number of points, 2. middle Buchholz, 3. Buchholz, 4. average ELO of rivals, 5. lot, prizes are distributed according to Hort system among such number of players which corresponds to number of advertised prizes

Rate of game: 2 x 1,5h + 30s/move, waiting time is 1 h in case of late arrival

Tournament prize fund: altogether 33.000 CZK
Financial prizes:
1. prize10 000 CZK
2. prize6 000 CZK
3. prize4 000 CZK
4. prize3 000 CZK
5. prize2 000 CZK
6. prize1 000 CZK
7. prize1 000 CZK
8. prize1 000 CZK
9. prize500 CZK
10. prize500 CZK

best woman player – 500 CZK
best senior (born 1953 and older) – 500 CZK
best young player (born 1997 and younger) – 500 CZK
best handicapped player – 500 CZK<
best player without ELO FIDE – 500 CZK
best player with ELO FIDE lower than 1600 – 500 CZK
best player with ELO FIDE 1600 - 1799 – 500 CZK
best player with ELO FIDE 1800 - 1999 – 500 CZK

Note: exchange rate - approx. 1 EUR = 25 CZK


Boarding school of Secondary pedagogical school – new building
2-bed rooms with shower and WC
price 700 CZK / room and night, if only 1 person occupies the room 600 CZK / room and night is charged

Boarding school of Secondary pedagogical school – old building
3-bed rooms, shower and WC are common for 2 rooms
price 700 CZK / room and night, if 2 persons occupie the room 600 CZK / room and night is charged, if only 1 person occupies the room 500 CZK / room and night is charged

Possibility of no-barrier accommodation. There is a wi-fi internet connection at the boarding school area.


without FIDE ELO 800 CZK
FIDE ELO 1999 and lower 700 CZK
FIDE ELO 2000-2099 600 CZK
FIDE ELO 2100-2199 500 CZK
FIDE ELO 2200-2299 400 CZK
FIDE ELO 2300-2399 200 CZK
FIDE ELO 2400 and higher 0 CZK

IM, WGM – free accommodation at Boarding school SPS – old building at 2-bed room
GM – free accommodation at Boarding school SPS – new building at 2-bed room, start money 2 000 CZK

Discounts from payments:
Young players up to 16 years of age (1996 and younger), pensioners and women have discount 200 CZK. Handicapped players have discount 50%.


Obligatory registrations together with accommodation orders should be sent
by 20.12.2013 to the following address:
Proclient s.r.o., Jaroslav Fuksik, Svedska 3, 772 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic, mobil: +420 608 364 664, +420 608 366 484 (for English), e-mail:
a64@proclient.cz, web: http://www.a64.cz

Time schedule:
Wednesday 25.12.2013 18.00 – 22.00   possibility of players arrival
Thursday 26.12.2013 09.00 – 14.00   registration main tournament
17.00   1st round 
Friday 27.12.2013 17.00   2nd round 
Saturday 28.12.2013 10.00   3rd round 
17.00   4th round 
Sunday 29.12.2013 17.00   5th round 
Monday 30.12.2013 17.00   6th round 
Tuesday 31.12.2013 14.00   7th round 
Wednesday 1.1.2014 17.00   8th round 
Thursday 2.1.2014 10.00   9th round 

New Years Eve programme:
New Years Eve programme is prepared. During the evening there will take place midnight blitz tournament for a material prizes. Orders of New Year’s Eve programme until 27.12.2013.

Free time: Near the Boarding school is a tennis hall, bowling, squash courts and ice stadium. Players can use fitness at the Boarding school.

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